Siyabonga Davane (Sir Dav)


About Me/Summary of my life:

I currently work as a Presenter of a Talk Show, Incoko Buciko on FORTE Community Radio in Alice in Nkonkobe Municipality. I was a debater during my time in High School where I got certificates, under the Steve Biko Foundation, Love life and Anglo-American under the department of Education in Young Communicators Awards. When I got involved in FORTE FM I was appointed as the first Programmes Manager when it was opened as the Community Radio in 2008.

I’m the only FORTE FM presenter who has won on GREAT ACHIEVERS AWARDS conducted by the University of Fort Hare, in the category of  “Best Radio Presenter “ I won for 3 consecutive years, in 2010, 2011 and 2012. In 2011 I embarked on  a campaign of motivating leaners of different schools, where I was complementing the programmes of the department, the campaign was titled “Nawe Ungawenza Umahluko Campaign”

 It was based on three key pillars 1. Effective Planning. 2. Responsibility. 3. Commitment. Because I’m saying if a learner plans effectively and feel responsible in terms of his/her education and begins to commit him/herself wholeheartedly the results of that is success. That campaign it was followed by the 1st Xhosa reading Competition in our province that aimed at encouraging learners to be proud of their language and be fluent in reading isiXhosa also and be proud of their language and who they are. The competition was supported by Nkonkobe Municipality, Dept. of Education, Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture, Department of African Languages University Of Fort Hare and Lovedale Press was involved. Due to my inner-motivating engine inside I wrote a Xhosa Drama Motivational Book titled “KANTI NAWE UNGAWENZA UMAHLUKO” it has been erected and established based on three key pillars, 1. Effective Planning 2. Responsibility. 3. Commitment. Also it touches certain fundamental issues namely:- 1. Identity 2. Education as a weapon.3. Importance of Time Management. 4.  Role of Parent, Teacher and a Learner 5.Danger of Drugs and Alcohol. 6. Hope in Hopeless situation. This book that I’m talking about has a motto that says, REGARDLESS OF YOUR BACKGROUND THERE IS NO EXCUSE YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. It was formally officially launched in the National Arts Festival in Graham’s Town in 2013 on the 30th of June. It was funded by the Department of Sport Recreation, Arts and Culture, by the unit called Eastern Cape Provincial Arts and Culture Council (ECPACC.

 I am a creative, highly motivated person with a strong sense of self. I work hard and strive to meet challenges through unique perseverance. I work well as part of a team, but thrive as a leader, and strive for personal, mental and physical excellence.


My Experience:

Radio Presenter: FORTE FM


21 January 2008 – Present (5 years) Amathole District  Area, South Africa

2008 September-2009 February: Worked as Programmes Manager

2009 February to 2011 March: As a News Editor

2011 March to Present: Talk Show Presenter (INCOKO BUCIKO) It starts from 19h00 to 21h00.

It covers a lot of range issues starting from community based organisations to governmental departments.


My Languages:

IsiXhosa, English and a little bit of Shona


My Education:

Matric with Merit accompanied with Certificates in Media broadcasting also Certificates in Debate and Public Speaking.


My Skills & Expertise:

Broadcast Journalism, Radio, Broadcast, Radio Advertising, Voice Over, Producing, Journalism, News Writing, Entertainment, Editing, Newsletters, Digital Media, Event Management! Book Writing.


Contact Info:

Email :


Basic Information:

Born on the 5th April 1983, a male, interested in Readind and writing pieces of motivational talks, I’m an Adventist  in terms of my Religion, In a relationship with two kids, a girl and a boy, ndisithanda kakhulu ke isiXhosa, ulwimi lasekhaya elime kwindawo yesibini ngokwalapha eMzantsi Afrika, silandela ulwimi lwesi-Zulu.




“The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor, it is the mind of the oppressed” “It is better to die for an idea that will live than to live for an idea that will die” By Steve Biko.



“Tell my people that I love them, they must continue the fight, my blood will nourish the tree that will bear the fruits of freedom” By Solomon Mahlangu





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