1. Breakfast Show Vuk’uqhakaze 06:00 AM to 09:00 AM.


This show is one of the most important shows. This show that captures the energy and essence of its target market both geographically and demographically. It encompasses style, content and presentation that is original, creative, exciting and enticing.

Rise and shine as the name suggests, is designed to “wake people up” in every possible way, engaging our listeners through educational, informative and entertaining features. At the end of the show our listeners are revitalized and willing to make a change in their lives.

Vuk’uqhakaze’s main intention and goal is give people knowledge so that they can apply it to make better their lives.


Show Feature:

Daily Motivation

Political Scientist

Shine (Topic)

Rise (Classic songs)



Daily Motivation

Finance issues

Talk feature

Rise (Classic songs)



Daily Motivation

(Lifestyle stylist, fashion, etiquette etc)

Talk we are listerning (service delivery)

Rise (Classic songs)


Thursday – Gentlemen’s corner

Daily Motivation

Rise man (Men Issues no females comment on Thursdays)

Gentlemen’s corner -We host prominent men who are successful not Kenny Kunene’ success. We have to host the Likes of Price Mangosuthu, DR Irvin Khoza, MCINtsoh, and Prince Siyabonga just to name few.

Shine (Classic songs)



Daily Motivation

Kunjenjenje Fridays (listeners take ownership of what they have done wrong)

Rise and shine Mix.

Breakfast Show Presenter

Viwe Biko.


2. Daytime Show Yizani Sakhe 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM


Yizani Sakhe is a mixture of a magazine and Talk show, which also includes a bit of entertainment. Our target markets are women between the ages of 25 upwards. This is an informative program which is enjoyed by the whole family and focuses mainly on women issues with the aim of getting all listeners involved in all our topical issues.


Show Feature:

Our features range from fashion to life style slots, which fall under magazine; then we have Crime Prevention (SAPS) as well as Home Safety with Emergency Services Dept, to general issues that affect our listeners on a daily basis (Your input/view) this is, from the listeners’ view, a not to be missed feature.


HIV/AIDS education feature with the help of the Health Department. We need to have our own Dieticians, Psychologists, Fashion gurus, Journalists and Doctors; this is to mention but a few of what Yizani Sakhe contains.

Extra-ordinary children—looks at the child development and wellbeing by acknowledging the talent kids have- encourage parents /community to appreciate children.


After all the information, education, more drama, talk and debate, crying and laughter, we sit back, relax and enjoy the ride on our entertainment corner, hence we say Yizani Sakhe.

Presenter Team: Buhle Nzuzo.

Mahala (Content Producer)


3. Community Calendar 12:00 PM to 15:00 PM


The main focus of the show is on empowering our listeners by providing information on skills development in many disciplines and employment opportunities. The following are the key areas we cover to achieve this:

     -> Discussions in line with the theme of the month and the sub-theme of the week as.

     -> Men related issues with guest from men’s and community organization to empower men and help deal with

         abusive behaviours’.


Office connection helps in exposing our listeners to different kinds of jobs by talking, live on-air, to one office worker. Business opportunities, funding and education we also cover labour issues with the Department of Labor, Un-employed graduates get a chance to market themselves and to secure jobs/learnership for our listeners on this feature.

      -> Latest Financial and economic issues and education- we prefer to do the very latest issues.

      -> Science and Technology feature-informs listeners’ about how science is part of our lives and also

          encouraging our youth to choose science & technology.

          Presenter: Songezo Xhayimpi


4. Khwela Sigoduke Drive Show Building the nation 15:00 PM to 18:00 PM


Although it doesn’t pull the same audience numbers as Breakfast, afternoon drive is critical to the station’s mix on air and plays a significant role to the overall Time Spent Listening (TSL) and cumulative audience figures. The pace of the show is critical with a substantial volume of news and information having to be incorporated into the mix. Thius show iis packed with a skilful mix of the ingredients that will keep the listener locked to the station and provide that mix of information, and entertainment that shortens the ride home and reduces the stress of rush-hour traffic.

It’s the kind of show that shortens your way home, we strive to entertain, educate and empower the Nation. This show is all about the listener and it is for the listener.


The show features the following:

Choose yours (Khetha eyakho)

We take two individual from all spheres of life and they each select a song that we’ll play on air and listeners vote for the best song.


Topic of the day

This is a forum where we discuss issues that affect young people of South Africa, from rape, drug abuse, parenting, adolescence, abortion, etc.


Young people on the move

We profile young people, who have made it in different careers. They tell us how they got where they are. This helps to inspire other young people.


Presenter: Yanga Fentele




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