Masibulele Nokwe


About Me/Summary of my life:

I currently read, translate and present  news, I am a journalist , I am also a Facilitator in the Breaking New Ground show that is endorsed by  Children’s radio foundation.  I grew up in a small  town in the northern parts of the Eastern cape in Ugie. I started my primary school at Idyoki primary school  from 1998-2005.


Idyoki primary school was changed to  ET Thabane  primary school in honour of the late Principal ET Thabane who played a very important role in the development of the school. I proceeded to Sibabale senior secondary school I studied for two years grade 8 and grade 9 then I went to Gauteng at 2008 and I studied there for a year and due to ill treatment I had to go back to Ugie in 2009.


 Unfortunately I did not get any school as it was too late. I went to Joburg again to live with my mom and she sent me to computer school in Alexandra Ikemeleng youth centre. In the year 2010 I did grade 11 and in 2011 I completed my matrick. I took a gap year in 2012, 2013 I went to do IT at Ingwe Fet  college in Mt fletcher I changed it in June and I did Business management for six months then I quit. In 2014 I went to the University of Fort hare to do Communication  management from ( 2014-2016)


My Experience:

In 2014 I was working on finding my flow when reading news. I was trying to work on the nerves that I have when I go on air. I learned a lot when it comes to writing of news and translating news.

In 2015 I worked on the terms that are used when covering certain stories. I was a news anchor and I learned how to use a studio desk.

In 2016 I worked a lot on my reporting skills and writing for print and radio too. I worked a lot on the political stories I do have an interest when it comes to political issues and education.


I learned how to do currencies and weather reading.


My Languages:

English, IsiZulu Xhosa, Sotho, Tswana, Pedi


My Education:

University of Fort Hare

Bachelor Of Applied communication management.

( 2014-2016)


My Skills & Expertise:

Broadcast Journalism, Radio, Broadcast,  Radio Advertising,  Voice Over , Producing, Journalism, News Writing,  Editing, Social Networking.


Contact Info:

Email :


Basic Information:

Born in 25-02-2016

Sex: Male

Interested in Journalism

Relationship Status: Single

 Languages: Xhosa, Zulu, English, Tswana, Pedi, Swati

 Religious Views: Christ is in his living Apostle




“The people you undermine today because you are top you will meet them on your way down and on their way up.

Time wasted will never return. ”



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